Map of Asia

map of Asia

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This map of Asia shows the 48 countries including India, China, Japan, and Indonesia. It also includes the capitals and larger cities across Asia including Beijing, New Delhi, Bangkok, and Tokyo. You can also see the horn of Africa, parts of the middle east, and the various bodies of water surrounding Asia.

Asia is not only the largest continent in size, but also has the most people by a large margin. The latest estimates put the population around 4 billion which is around 60% of the world’s population.
Asia has such a large variety of countries and areas, it’s hard to generalize much about anything. The economy is great in some places, and next door you can run into some of the poorest areas in the world. One thing you can say about Asia as a whole is that the economy is growing quickly because of increased manufacturing as well as financial services and outsourcing (mainly in India.) Below we’ve listed all of the Asia countries and their population.

Asia Countries Population
China 1,322,044,605
 India 1,147,995,226
 Indonesia 230,512,000
 Pakistan 167,762,049
 Bangladesh 153,546,901
 Russia 142,200,000
 Japan 127,288,628
 Philippines 92,681,453
 Vietnam 86,116,559
 Turkey 71,517,100
 Iran 70,472,846
 Thailand 65,493,298
 South Korea 49,232,844
 Burma (Myanmar) 47,758,224
 Afghanistan 32,738,775
 Nepal 29,519,114
 Uzbekistan 28,268,441
 Iraq 28,221,181
 Malaysia 27,780,000
 Saudi Arabia 23,513,330
 North Korea 23,479,095
 Yemen 23,013,376
China (Taiwan) 22,920,946
 Sri Lanka 21,128,773
 Syria 19,747,586
 Kazakhstan 15,666,533
 Cambodia 13,388,910
 Azerbaijan 8,845,127
 Tajikistan 7,211,884
 Israel 7,112,359
 Hong Kong 7,008,300
 Laos 6,677,534
 Jordan 6,198,677
 Kyrgyzstan 5,356,869
 Turkmenistan 5,179,573
 Georgia 4,636,400
 United Arab Emirates 4,621,399
 Singapore 4,608,167
 Palestinian territories 4,277,000
 Lebanon 3,971,941
 Oman 3,311,640
 Armenia 3,299,000
 Mongolia 2,996,082
 Kuwait 2,596,561
 East Timor 1,108,777
 Qatar 928,635
 Cyprus 792,604
 Bahrain 718,306
 Bhutan 682,321
 Macau 460,823
 Brunei 381,371
 Maldives 379,174
Total 4,162,966,086