Map of Colorado

map of Colorado

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This map of Colorado highlights most major cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Boulder, home of Colorado University. You can also see the topography of the Rocky Mountains, as well as the rivers, lakes, major highways, and the 6 surrounding states that border Colorado.

Colorado Map Information

Colorado is best known for it’s mountains which are part of the Rocky Mountain range. They have some of the best skiing, hiking, and sight seeing in the world which makes it a great tourist attraction, especially in winter. Many people don’t know however that much of the state is actually quite flat. There’s a good deal of cattle ranching and agriculture that happens on the eastern side of the state. Most people are also surprised to hear Colorado didn’t actually become a state until the United States had it’s 100th birthday in 1876 as the 38th state.
Colorado’s nickname is the Centennial State and the state motto is “Nothing Without Providence”. The state bird is the “Lark Bunting”. The state flower is the “Rocky Mountain Columbine”.

Colorado Statistics

Population: ~5,024,000 (2009 census)
Change from 2000-2009: +16.8%
Overall Size: 103,717 sq. miles
People per Sq. Mile: 41.5
Length: 380 miles
Width: 280 miles
High Point: Mount Elbert – 14,433 ft.
Male Population: 50.4% (2008 est.)
Median Household Income: $57,184 (2008 est.)