Map of Hawaii

map of Hawaii

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This map of Hawaii shows the biggest cities including Hilo, Honolulu, and Pearl City. You clearly see the Pacific Ocean surrounding the four main islands, the names of the Channels that pass by the islands, the largest mountains, and the few main roads that follow the coastline.

Hawaii Map Information

Hawaii was the last state included in the 50 US states, and has become a major tourist destination, as well as a great strategic position for the US Military because of it’s location relative to Japan and Australia. The land areas were created totally from volcanic activity, and there are still very active volcanoes through the state. They still hold the capability of causing major damage as well as posing a large Tsunami risk for surrounding areas.
The states nickname is also it’s most well-known word, the Aloha State. They make up for the short nickname with a long motto which is: “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness”. The state flower is the yellow Hibiscus and the state bird is the Nene.

Hawaii Statistics

Population: ~1,295,000 (2009 census)
Change from 2000-2009: +6.9%
Overall Size: 6,422 sq. miles
People per Sq. Mile: 188.6
Length: 1523 miles
Width: N/A
High Point: Mauna Kea – 13,796 ft.
Male Population: 50.5% (2008 est.)
Median Household Income: $66,701 (2008 est.)