Map of Illinois

map of Illinois

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Map of Illinois Cities Illinois County Map

This map of Illinois shows the biggest cities including Chicago, Peoria, Springfield, and Aurora. You can also see the metropolitan area around Chicago highlighted in yellow, Lake Michigan in the northeast, the 5 bordering states, and most of the major roads, rivers, and lakes throughout the state.

Illinois Map Information

Illinois isn’t near a coast, but it’s the nations 5th most populous state, and has the 3rd most populous city with Chicago. Some interesting facts about Illinois are that they are known as the “Land of Lincoln” because of Abraham Lincoln being raised there, and it was included in the Union in 1818 as the 21st state. Chicago has a strong presence economically in almost every area including agriculture, engineering, and manufacturing.
The states motto is the “Prairie State”, the state flower is the Violet, and the state bird is the Cardinal. The cardinal is the mascot of the St. Louis baseball team which most people think is a city totally contained in Missouri, but the eastern suburbs of St. Louis is actually the second largest metropolitan area in Illinois.

Illinois Statistics

Population: ~12,910,000 (2009 census)
Change from 2000-2009: +4.0%
Overall Size: 55,583 sq. miles
People per Sq. Mile: 223.4
Length: 390 miles
Width: 210 miles
High Point: Charles Mound – 1,235 ft.
Male Population: 49.3% (2008 est.)
Median Household Income: $56,230 (2008 est.)