Map of North America

map of North America

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This map of North America shows the major countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and a good number of smaller countries south of the Tropic of Cancer including Cuba, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Other features include the major cities and large bodies of water.

North America is the 3rd largest continent based on square mileage, and 4th largest in population. It is widely believed the Americas were named after Amerigo Vespucci, an explorer in the late 1400′s. Below we’ve listed all of the countries included in North America and their population.

North American Countries Population
 Anguilla 15,000
 Antigua and Barbuda 88,000
 Aruba 107,000
The Bahamas 342,000
 Barbados 256,000
 Belize 307,000
 Bermuda 65,000
 Bonaire 12,093
 British Virgin Islands 23,000
 Canada 33,573,000
 Cayman Islands 56,000
 Costa Rica 4,579,000
 Cuba 11,204,000
 Curaçao  140,794
 Dominica 67,000
 Dominican Republic 10,090,000
 El Salvador 6,163,000
 Greenland  57,000
 Grenada 104,000
 Guadeloupe  465,000
 Guatemala 14,027,000
 Haiti 10,033,000
 Honduras 7,466,000
 Jamaica 2,719,000
 Martinique  405,000
 Mexico 112,322,757
 Montserrat  6,000
 Navassa Island  0
 Nicaragua 5,743,000
 Panama 3,454,000
 Puerto Rico  3,982,000
 Saba  1,537
 Saint Barthélemy  7,448
 Saint Kitts and Nevis 52,000
 Saint Lucia 172,000
 Saint Martin  29,820
 Saint Pierre and Miquelon  6,000
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 109,000
 Sint Eustatius  2,739
 Sint Maarten  40,009
 Trinidad and Tobago 1,339,000
 Turks and Caicos Islands  33,000
 United States Virgin Islands  110,000
 United States 314,659,000
Total 541,720,440