Map of South America

map of South America

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This map of South America shows all 19 countries including Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. Also included are the smaller northern countries and territories like French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Ecuador. Other features include the major cities like Rio de Janeiro, and the surrounding oceans. You can also see the Panama Canal between Panama and Colombia.

South America is the 5th biggest continent in terms of population, and 4th largest in total area. There is an amazing amount of geographical features and diversity across the continent. South America has the largest rain forest in the world, the biggest river by volume, the highest waterfall, and the longest mountain range on earth.
The continent also boasts huge amounts of valuable resources like gold, silver, and copper which is part of the reason some areas in South America are experiencing an economic boom. Below we’ve listed all of the countries included in South America and their population.

South American Countries Population
 Brazil 191,241,714
 Colombia 45,928,970
 Argentina 40,482,000
 Peru 29,132,013
 Venezuela 26,814,843
 Chile 16,928,873
 Ecuador 14,573,101
 Bolivia 9,863,000
 Paraguay 6,831,306
 Uruguay 3,477,780
 Guyana 772,298
 Suriname 472,000
 French Guiana  221,500
 Falkland Islands 3,140
 South Georgia 20
Total 385,742,554